Advanced Performance Class - Students aged 12 and older

High level goals, RCM exams, CMC, Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal. Photo credit. Yuuki Omori 2014.

The Advanced Performance Class is a highly competitive course and is directed at students who have demonstrated serious motivation and effort towards performing. Students at this level aim towards goals such as high level RCM exams, auditions for CEGEP as well as major national festivals including the CMC.

This style of learning is directed at students with at least 4 years of lessons already. The program is highly individualised for each students. Some discussion is required before working towards these goals, selection and admission is subject to approval from Dr. Chapman.

Length of classes and practise

  • 60+ minutes of class per week. To ensure they are well prepared, students working at this level often take more than one lesson a week.
  • Students at this level are expected to practise between 1 -2+ hours daily.


Students in the Advanced Performance Class have access to a lower fees and longer class time. For the Advanced Performers Class course the fees are arranged with the studio once the course of study has been planned.

To enrol or if you have any further questions concerning this program, feel free to contact the studio at 438 884 1171 or by email:

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