Tuition & Studio Policy:

The 2019-2020 year is broken up into three sessions:

Fall - September - December - 15 classes
Winter - January - June - 20 classes
Summer - Mid-June August (Variable)

Summary of fees:

  • $28.50 - 30 Minutes Lessons

  • $41.50 - 45 Minutes Lessons

  • $55.00 - 60 Minute Lessons

Tuition includes the costs of all books and materials used at the beginner and intermediate levels. 

Tuition also covers:

  • the cost of lessons

  • costs associated with hosting student recitals

  • preparing student recordings

  • preparing student schedules and examination programs

  • the composition of exercises, arrangements and other materials for individual students

Students can easily try out lessons - the studio offers an introductory trial class.  

Tax Credit: Students taking lessons at Chapman Piano Studio are eligible for the Children's Arts Tax Credit. Families receive a 15% refundable tax credit on the cost of classes for each child under the age of 16.

Contact Dr. Chapman directly for more information.