Piano Lessons with Dr. Chapman

Dr. Ben in a private lesson with one of his beginner piano students at the Chapman Piano Studio, NDG Montreal. Photo credit. Yuuki Omori 2014.
... my son was able to read and play simple tunes after his first lesson, my son just loves him, he looks forward to his piano lessons every week!

Drawing on more than 20 years as a piano instructor and accomplished performer, Dr. Chapman provides students with a fun and enriching musical experience. Teaching from his private studio situated in the N.D.G. area of Montréal, Dr. Chapman's imaginative easy-to-follow approach offers an ideal option for first-time students and families seeking expert piano instruction in a relaxed local setting.

Guitar and Ukulele Lessons Now Available at Chapman Piano Studio!

Dr. Chapman is affiliated with The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM)École Vincent d'Indy and École des Jeunes de l'Université de Montréal