Hear what happy parents and students have to say 1, Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal. Photo credit. Yuuki Omori 2014.


GREAT teacher. He has developed a very effective method to teach, my son was able to read and play simple tunes after his first lesson!!!
Very patient and entertaining. He is able to motivate my son when he is losing attention and bring him back to concentrate. Amazing teacher student relation, my son just loves him, he looks forward to his piano lessons every week!
I highly recommend Dr. Chapman!                 - Frank H.



Benjamin is patient and gentle with children, he has a very positive and encouraging approach to teaching.

The lessons are very dynamic, warm and develop the motivation, concentration and independence of the student. In one year, my son has gained a strong grasp of the basics and his coordination has improved significantly.

Benjamin encourages parents to participate - this has helped me learn the basics at the same as my son so that I can help him when he practises at home.

        - Geraldine A.

Hear what happy parents and students have to say 2, Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal.  Photo Credit. Yuuki Omori. 2014
Hear what happy parents and students have to say 2, Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal.  Photo credit. Benjamin Chapman 2014.


Since we were not quite content with the results from a previous music school, we stopped my son’s piano lessons last December and enrolled him in another music school which starts next September. In the mean time, I was looking for someone to help with my son’s piano practice. After the “trial” lesson, I’ve never seen my son got so excited after a piano lesson considering it was longer-than-expected at a late Sunday hour in February. We were so impressed with Ben’s level of energy, enthusiasm – which is definitely contagious – and his teaching method that we immediately signed up with Ben and decided to cancel our registration with the new music school for the upcoming school year.


Ben never ceases to amaze me with his ability to pinpoint the problems and to spontaneously come up with specific finger exercises which help overcome whatever difficulty my son encounters during practices. Ben has certainly developed a unique teaching method that makes practicing challenging/complex passages, all of a sudden, look much more manageable and doable which definitely encourage students to strive for more. Right from the beginning, Ben was able to assess my son’s strengths/weaknesses, music preference, learning aptitude/style. With a tailored lesson plan that includes, but not limited to, selecting the right music pieces accompanied by relevant finger exercises, Ben has been able to continually inspire, challenge and improve my son’s piano skills while keeping up his level of interest, motivation and eagerness to learn/perform the new pieces one after another. After only a short while, we are thrilled to see my son making definite progress that he was not able to achieve in the past with other piano teachers for a much longer time. Having had the opportunity to attend Ben’s doctoral recital recently, I can’t wait to officially address him as Dr. Chapman in the near future since I have the utmost respect for his talent as a pianist as well as a piano teacher. I wish I would have found Ben sooner. - Dao H.