Addington st. Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal. Photo Credit. Yuuki Omori 2014.

Tuition & Studio Policy:

The 2019-2020 year is broken up into three sessions:


Fall - September - December - 15 classes
Winter - January - June - 20 classes
Summer - July - August (Variable)

Tuition covers:

  • the cost of lessons

  • costs associated with hosting student recitals

  • preparing student recordings

  • preparing student schedules and examination programs

  • the composition of exercises, arrangements and other materials for individual students

Students can easily try out lessons - the studio offers an introductory trial class. 

There are a number of discounts and family packages available . 

Tax Credit: Students taking lessons at Chapman Piano Studio are eligible for the Children's Arts Tax Credit. Families will receive a 15% refundable tax credit on the cost of classes for each child under the age of 16.

Contact Dr. Chapman directly for more information. 

Summary of fees by Program:

All fees include books and materials for the beginner and recreational programs.

Beginners: First Steps

  • $28.50 - 30 Minutes Lessons

  • $41.50 - 45 Minute Lessons

Junior Recreational and Junior Achiever

  • $41.50 - 45 Minutes Lessons

  • $55.00 - 60 Minute Lessons

Beginner and Junior students are welcome to begin lessons midway through a session but must enrol for the remainder of the session. Similarly, to ensure continuity, students enrolling for the winter and fall session must enrol for the full session. Extra lessons to prepare for practical and theory examinations can be arranged wherever possible in the schedule.

An invoice will be prepared for each session, payment is due at the commencement of each session either in full or in post-dated instalments.


The tuition payment reserves the time chosen in the schedule for the duration of the upcoming session. Students must take their lessons at the scheduled time - the schedule is often very full, it is extremely difficult to make major changes.

As a courtesy, efforts will be made to make-up lessons that are missed due to illness, if this can be done within my working hours. There is a week at the end of the session set aside for make up classes. The studio will offer a maximum of 2 make-up classes per session. 

If you know in advance that you will be absent - it may sometimes also be possible to arrange a swap with another student.


Books are sometimes an additional cost. If it becomes necessary to purchase a particular book parents are free to buy it themselves or may ask me to order it - the cost of the book is simply added to the invoice.

In certain cases the cost of the books are already included in the tuition, for example Beginner students will receive the book they will be using each session as part of the program package.


Please arrive a little advance of your lesson time - each lesson must finish on time in order to be fair to student that follows.

Parents are strongly encouraged to sit-in on lessons where possible, even without a background in music, it is a simple contribution to the learning process that makes a big difference.

Summer Lessons

Lessons are available over the summer - the format for the summer session is flexible and can be arranged directly with Dr. Chapman.