Beginners: First Steps - First-time piano students - Ages 5 - 12.

The first 18-24 month period of piano lessons is where students progress from taking their first steps at the instrument to playing short pieces. In this course, students master the basic skills required for playing such as reading.

Piano lessons with a  playful and fun style of teaching, Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal. Photo Credit. Yuuki Omori 2014.

What we do

Each lesson begins with a warm-up routine devoted to:

  • note recognition and fluency
  • physical dexterity of the arm and fingers
  • keyboard layout
  • playing by ear

At the end of each lesson students leave with a little ‘shopping list’ of things they may want to think about and practise during the following week.

Each week we will work on 2-3 pieces drawing from the Faber & Faber Piano Adventures Series and other method books. A lot of the difficulties relating to reading music closely parallel difficulties encountered by children ages 5-7 learning to read in school - Parental involvement is strongly encouraged at these ages.  

Length of classes and practise

  • 30 minute classes are suggested for the first 18 months. Some students who have the concentration opt for a 45 minute class.

  • To progress through the material, students are encouraged to practise 10 - 20 minutes at least 4 times a week.


Sessions & Awards

The school year is broken up into sessions of approximately 15 lessons. At the end of each session of Beginners course students will receive an award at which point they will be able to do the following:

  • Sapphire Award- After one session: Students will be able to play a number of simple pieces written of a single hand in recital accompanied by the teacher.
  • Ruby Award - After two sessions: students will be able to play a number of unaccompanied pieces and some easier pieces written for both hands.
  • Emerald Award - After three sessions: students will be learning longer more sophisticated pieces drawn from the Royal Conservatory or Vincent d’Indy programs.


The studio believes that performing is an essential part of music education and students are strongly encouraged to participate.
It's an opportunity for students and parents to get to know each other and for the students to encourage one another.
It's a challenge that gives students a genuine sense of accomplishment. They can sometimes be a little scary but with a little preparation, students can share their achievement and their love for music with friends and family.

The Beginners: First Steps course the fees are:  

  • $26.00 for each 30 minute lesson

  • $37.10 for each 45 minute lesson

For the The Beginners: First Steps course, the main music method book we will be working from as well as many other materials are included in each session’s tuition.

For more information about fees and rates consult the studio fees and studio policy.

To enrol or if you have any further questions concerning this program, feel free to contact the studio at 438 884 1171 or by email:

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