The ultimate goal of piano instruction is to ensure that each student has fun; discovering and benefiting from the rewards gained in the pursuit of a musical education, regardless of level or ability. In addition to a genuine sense of accomplishment, having picked-up a difficult skill, students learn the value of critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, discipline and delayed gratification - all attributes that will serve them in day-to-day life.


Students enjoy the challenges where they know exactly what to do and how to succeed; they enjoy the things they’re good at.
I have worked hard to cultivate strategies that give students the tools that enable them to work with greater independence and confidence. A student in control of their own forward momentum, capable of resolving their own difficulties, is a student who will remain motivated.

One-on-one piano lessons, each student receives individual attention. Chapman Piano Studio, NDG, Montreal. Photo credit. Yuuku Omori 2014.



Lessons - What to expect

At all levels, I strive to make each lesson a positive experience and to provide a non-judgmental encouraging atmosphere where students can learn from their mistakes rather than feeling punished for having made them.

All students are each at different places in terms of their progress. Each course of study offered is structured differently, click on the links below to find out more about the one that's right for you:



Click on the photo to enlargeThe teaching space at the Chapman Piano Studio, NDG. 

Beginners: First Steps - Ages 5 - 12

The first 18 months at the piano

Advanced Performers Class - Ages 12+

A course for high level students preparing for major performances

Adults - Ages 19+

 A recreational program for adult learners